About Matt

Matt  Blackburn Registered Osteopath

Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters in Osteopathy

My interest in osteopathy started in my late 20's when low back pain and stiffness bothered me a lot and I found that osteopathic treatment and advice helped me to get back into running, hiking and other sports.

"The Body is a Unit, Structure and Function are Inter-related and The Body has Self- Healing Capabilities". These are the fundamental principles that osteopathy is based on and the principles that I believe in and follow in my treatments.

My approach involves an interactive relationship between client and practitioner in which we work together to get you better. I spend time with you to work with the whole person and not just your condition. I  treat all ages from children to the elderly though I am particular passion lies in working with the over 50's and chronic conditions.

In clinic I do an observation and assessment of each patients and my treatment is based on what I find and  what is needed for each individual person. I use a variety of approaches to treatment such as structural, (working with the musculo-skeletal system), myofascial, visceral and neural manipulation and gentle osteopathy in the cranial field depending on the patient and their needs.

I am passionate about how the body works and regularly attend courses and seminars to deepen my knowledge and improve my skills as well as home study and a local osteopaths study group.

I am available at Derwent Park (Mondays and Tuesdays, Bellerive (Thursdays)and Sorell (Fridays).