Matt Blackburn Registered Osteopath


About me, my practice and health philosophy

I have worked as an osteopath since 2011 after graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Osteopath in 2010.

In my late 20’s I became interested in Osteopathy after being successfully treated for back and neck pain that was limiting me from running, hiking, doing any manual work and dancing.

I worked in Hobart initially at Bellerive Osteopathy and Natural Health and now am working for myself in two clinics in Hobart and at Sorell Doctors surgery.

I am inspired and believe in the principles of osteopathy. These are the body is a unit, structure and function are inter-related and that the body has self- healing capabilities.  For example there is a common nerve supply to the stomach and the vertebrae of the mid upper back so improving  the biomechanics of the mid upper back may improve digestion

I believe that treatment is an interactive relationship between client and practitioner, and we work together to get you better. I want to spend time and listen to my patients and want to work with the whole person not just their condition.

I like to treat all ages from children to the elderly though my interest area and greatest experience is with the over 50’s.

I always do observation and assessment of my patients and my treatment is based on my findings and according to what is needed.

I use a variety of approaches to treatment such as structural, (working with the musculo-skeletal system), myofascial, visceral and osteopathy in the cranial field depending on the patient and their needs.