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B.App.Sc.M.Osteo.(RMIT University)

Matt BlackburnMy interest in Osteopathy started in my late 20’s when regular visits to an osteopath helped my considerable lower back pain and stiffness that was limiting my ability to do sports, run and do manual work.

I have worked as an osteopath since 2011 in Hobart and Sorell

In my practice I regularly see many patients with back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder, knee, hip and other joint pain.

I believe it is also important to consider other aspects of the medical conditions such as pathologies for example thyroid problems, diabetes, asthma, mental health and lifestyle issues that may all relate to the presenting complaint.

I believe in the principles of osteopathy and wish in my work to improve the structure and function of the body and help encourage self- healing capabilities that are inherent in all of us.

I consider that treatment is an interactive relationship between client and practitioner, and we work together to get you better. I listen to you to find the cause of the problem and not just treat your symptoms. I always do observation and assessment and then treat based on what I find and according to what is needed.

I am interested in helping people to manage their conditions and improve their health by making positive changes in their lifestyles such as diet and exercise.

My preferred way of working is based on techniques and approaches that I have studied such as soft tissue and myofascial release, articulatory techniques, as well as visceral and cranial osteopathic techniques.

I prefer to not use manipulative or “cracking” techniques.

My special interest areas are:

  • Older adults (over 60’s)
  • Arthritis and chronic inflammatory joint conditions.
  • Digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome
  • Mens and womens health issues.