What Happens In A Treatment

Your  first consultation will take about an hour

Your osteopath will take a detailed medical history so as to have  usefull information regarding your health and wellbeing. You will be asked to do some simple movements such as walking and bending forward to identify how you are using your body, and what  tissues are causing pain.

We will do tests as required and an Osteopathic exam using using the hands to determine the areas that are not working well. We will do some  hands on treatment as time permits.

At the end of the session we will be able to offer a diagnosis and offer you a treatment plan for your condition.

If your diagnosis requires further investigation we will refer you to another practitioner for tests or treatment or  for imaging if necessary.

Please bring any scans, results or medication lists that you have.

​How long are treatments?

Treatment times are: 1 hour for initial treatments and 40 minutes for subsequent treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

Each patient is different and therefore will respond to treatment in their own way. Many people will notice an improvement in one or two treatments. As a general rule most patients need only 3-6 treatments and some may prefer to have ongoing treatments at regular  intervals.

There are several factors that may influence your speed of recovery for example:

  • How long you have had the condition or symptoms.

  • Previous injuries to the area.

  • Your general health.

  • Your age.