Philosophy Of Health

Health is true wealth

Health is truly important and is often undervalued. Without good health how can we enjoy the good things that we have in life. Health is worth investing time and money in order to lead a fulfilling life. Health is something we all have the ability to improve.

The body is designed to move

Often after an injury or to avoid pain our body adapts by contracting around the affected area or minimizing movement. The injured tissues heal yet our bodies don’t regain the range of movement or flexibility they had before. Repetitive and habitual activities such as computer use, slouched posture and driving can also cause adaptive muscle tightening and poor posture that also limits our capacity to move. Ripple on effects may be back, neck and shoulder pain and inability to exercise and move in a fluid way. Body systems affected may be cardio vascular, digestive, immune and the nervous system.

Osteopathic treatment can help by attending to the body’s adaptive patterns and improve movement through work on the musculo skeletal system.