Matt Blackburn


Matt  Blackburn  Osteopath

Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters in Osteopathy


Derwent Park (Mondays and Tuesdays
Bellerive (Thursdays)
Sorell (Fridays)

I have been practicing osteopathy in Hobart since graduating from RMIT University as a mature age student in 2010.

My passion for osteopathy started through ongoing back and neck problems in my late 20’s. This led me to study yoga, massage and other body therapies and later Osteopathy. I enthusiastically continue with ongoing training, study groups and practice sessions with another osteopath.

I believe it is important to consider other aspects of a client’s condition such as pathologies, for example diabetes, thyroid, mental health and lifestyle issues that may relate to the presenting complaint.

I believe in the principles of Osteopathy which guide my treatment approach. I aim to help improve the structure and function of the body and encourage self-healing capabilities.

I like to help clients manage their conditions and improve their health through appropriate exercise and by making positive changes in their lifestyles.

I prefer to work in a non-forceful manner using techniques such as myofascial release, inhibition, joint articulation, muscle energy technique, neuro-meningeal and visceral manipulation, Osteopathy in the cranial field and Biodynamics of Osteopathy.

My special interest areas include:

  • Older adults (over 60’s)
  • Neck pain and headaches.
  • Arthritis and chronic inflammatory joint conditions.
  • Digestive issues such irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Men’s and women’s health issues.

When not working he enjoys exploring the Tasmanian outdoors, camping, hiking and festivals, as well as singing, salsa, saxophone and piano.