Matt Blackburn

What can Osteopathy treat?

Osteopaths use a range of treatment methods depending on the age and condition of the person coming to clinic. They are trained to recognize serious conditions that may require further medical help.

Osteopathy aims not only to relieve symptoms but to help the body to function better in a number of ways. Patients may report other improvements such as feeling more relaxed and sleeping better after treatments.

Though well known for treating spinal problems, osteopaths work with many other parts that make up the physical body including muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissues, and nerves.

Additionally, sessions involve giving advice on how to manage conditions such as advice on walking, posture and better ways for individuals to use their bodies that will help lessen aggravation of conditions.

Some conditions that are often helped by osteopaths include:

  • General aches and pains.
  • Joint pain including shoulder hip and knee pain.
  • Tingling numbness and pain in hands or arms
  • Neck and upper back restriction, head pain and headaches.
  • Stress and tension, poor sleep.
  • Lower and upper back pain and restriction
  • Sciatica
  • Osteo and inflammatory arthritis,
  • Stiffness, poor mobility and other problems associated with aging.