Matt Blackburn

Conditions Commonly Treated by Osteopaths

Osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages from children to the very elderly.  Here are some conditions for which you may seek the help of an osteopath.

  • Chronic hip and back pain and stiffness, disc injuries.
  • Sciatica and conditions of nerve referral
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic neck and and shoulder pain and whiplash.
  • Tennis elbow, knee, wrist and ankle pain.
  • Arthritis, osteo and inflammatory and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia
  • Muscular skeletal pain associated with pregnancy.
  • Sequelae of whiplash and physical trauma.
  • Stiffness, joint swelling and immobility in seniors.

In the first treatment a full medical history will be taken as well as physical assessment using observation of walking and other movement, palpation and special tests.

An osteopath may also provide advice on diet, appropriate exercise, stress reduction, posture and breathing to assist the body to recover.