Matt Blackburn

Osteopathy and Chronic Pain.

Pain has been described an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. The sensation of pain in not only determined by our physical make-up but also by our mental and emotional state and cultural background.

Injury causes tissues to be damaged and the body repairs them. This can take a varied amount of time depending on the injury and the person’s ability to heal. Chronic pain may continue on without painful stimuli and occurs because of changes to the nerves or nervous system which keeps the nerves firing and signalling pain.

When pain has been around for a long-time other part of the body may become sore and tense as well as the body tries to help the painful area. Osteopathy is well known for finding and addressing other areas of the body that may require attention.

Treatment of chronic pain can be an involved process.  It requires a very gentle approach aimed at taking painful tissues and restricted areas into positions of ease to gently release tension and overall to relax the sympathetic nervous system.

Osteopathy has gentle techniques that help balance the nervous system and may help decrease its sensitivity. Osteopathic cranial techniques, biodynamics, neural and visceral release may be beneficial for use with chronic pain.

At home supportive care may include gentle appropriate activity or exercise, dietary modification and advice on ergonomics, and body usage for everyday tasks as well as mind-body therapies such as Feldenkrais, mindfulness and meditation.