Osteopathy is a system of manual or hands on therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, dysfunction and lack of mobility in the body. 

Osteopathy  has been found to  be effective for many painful Musculo-skeletal complaints  such as  back  and neck pain, some forms of headaches, migraines, hip and knee pain  and much more!

What is Neural Manipulation and how it can help the body.

By Matt Blackburn. In our bodies we have a central nervous system consisting of the brain its surrounding layers and the spinal cord and a peripheral nervous system that connects the brain to the arms and legs and organs. The nervous system works together to connect  the brain and spinal cord to the outside...

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Neck pain and stiffness

By Matt Blackburn. What causes neck pain and what can help? Neck problems  can be  uncomfortable and painful and osteopaths have a different approach. If you have had a painful or restricted neck you may have often  noticed that other areas of  your body are also distressed, such as your upper or lower back...

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