Dedicated to helping people of all ages with professional treatment and advice. Osteopathy is hands on therapy for the whole body including muscles, bones, joints and all other tissues including your organs and nervous system. 

Osteopaths look at the whole body not just the area where pain is felt to find the cause of the problem. Finding and releasing restricted areas and tight tissues (sometimes some distance away) helps give the body its best chance to recover.

Osteopaths believe that improving function of the joints, muscles, nerves and blood supply will enhance the body's own ability to heal and return to wellness and health.


Body Stillness Massage and Wellness Centre

295 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay 7005

All day Tuesdays and Thursdays.

OR CALL 0481 089 661

Your Health Hub

Bellerive Quay Building

Level 3/33Cambridge St, Bellerive

CALL 03 6122 0150

Sorell Doctors Surgery

31 Gordon St Sorell 7172

CALL 03 6165 1595

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